Class Schedule

--Unless otherwise indicated, all classes are a multi-week series and online registration is strongly suggested. Single class drop-ins are not allowed in a series without prior instructor approval.

--Classes designated as "drop-in" are open to walk-ins each week and do not require any advance registration or month-long commitment.

July & August 2018


7pm: All-Levels Jazz: Look-a-There routine with Erica (already in session, no drop-ins)

7pm: Combined Level Lindy Hop with Sydney & Jordon (4 week series starts August 6th)

8:15pm: Intro to Blues with Brian (already in session, no drop-ins) -Sold Out!-

8:15pm: Solo Jazz - Learn the Tranky Doo with Kyle (4 week series starts August 6th)


6pm: Introduction to Dance Movement with Erica (4 week series starts August 7th)

7pm: Intro to Balboa with Ryan & Erica (in session, no drop-ins)

7pm: Intro to Swing Dancing with Ryan & Erica (6 week series starts August 21st)


Private lessons  and studio rentals available.


7pm: Intro to Swing Dancing with Kyle & Dave (in session for June/July, no drop-ins)

7pm: Private Lessons available with Kyle (starting August 2nd, email Kyle to book)

8pm: Drop-in Beginner Lesson (ongoing, walk-ins always welcome) no lesson on July 5th

9pm: Jazz Den (social dance) no dance on July 5th


Studio rentals available

Saturdays & Sundays

Private lessons  and studio rentals available

Special Workshops:

Saturday July 21st: Collegiate Shag with David & Chelsea Lee

Saturday September 1st: Balboa Crash Course with Jennifer Barnett

All classes on this schedule take place at the RVA Swing dance studio, located at 6114C Lakeside Ave.