Class Schedule

--Unless otherwise indicated, all classes are a multi-week series and online registration is strongly suggested. Single class drop-ins are not allowed in a series without prior instructor approval.

--Classes designated as "drop-in" are open to walk-ins each week and do not require any advance registration or month-long commitment.

September & October 2018


7pm: Solo Jazz with Alyssa (3 week series start Sept 10th) class canceled

7pm: Intro to Swing Dancing with Alyssa & Erica (6 week series starts Oct 15th)

8:15pm: Intro to Swing Dancing with Sydney & Jordon (6 week series starts Sept 24th)


7pm: Intro to Swing Dancing with Ryan & Erica (in session, no drop-ins)

7pm: Level 2 Lindy Hop with Ryan & Erica (4 week series starts Oct 2nd)

8:15pm: Level 2 Balboa with Ryan & Erica (in session, no drop-ins)

8:15pm: Open Balboa Practice with Ryan & Erica (drop-in, starts Oct 2nd)


7pm: Louisiana Dance Styles with Talia Moser (4 week series begins Oct 17th)


7pm: Level 1.5 Lindy Hop with Kyle & Dave (in session, no drop-ins)

8pm: Drop-in Beginner Lesson (ongoing, walk-ins always welcome)

9pm: Jazz Den (social dance)


Studio rentals available

Saturdays & Sundays

Private lessons  and studio rentals available

Special Workshops:

October 20th & 21st: Special Event Beginner Crash Course at Lewis Ginter Rec Center
This 4 hour beginner workshop spans two days and is part of the Jammin on the James weekend.

All classes on this schedule take place at the RVA Swing dance studio, located at 6114C Lakeside Ave unless otherwise noted