Private Lessons

Want to delve deeper into a topic? Or perhaps you need more personal attention than you find in a group class? Whether you are brand new to swing dancing, or are a seasoned dancer, private lessons can be a beneficial tool to take your dancing to the next level.

The following RVA Swing instructors are available for private lessons.  Please contact the instructor of your choice directly to inquire about their rates and availability, using the contact information supplied below.

Sydney Bernstein Miller & Jordon Chan

Lindy Hop, Charleston (beginner through advanced)

Contact Sydney & Jordon at

Skyler Hinkel

Collegiate Shag, Lindy Hop, Charleston

Email, or call/text at (919)673-3989

Alyssa Kelly

Solo Jazz, Solo Charleston (beginner through advanced)
Lindy Hop (intermediate through advanced)

Contact Alyssa at

Ryan Lemar & Erica Vess

Balboa (beginner through advanced)
Lindy Hop (beginner through novice)

Contact Ryan & Erica at