Solo Jazz for Holiday Cheer


What: solo jazz choreography 2 week class series open to all levels

When: Tuesday Dec 5th & 12th from 7pm - 8:30pm
Where: RVA Swing, 6114C Lakeside Ave, Henrico VA 23228

Pre-requisites: None, but some previous dance experience (especially with vernacular jazz) will make it much easier to learn the routine.

Instructor: Cate Rauschenberger

Cost: Sliding Scale Pricing $15 to $45. Advance registration required.

About the class

It's an RVA Swing holiday tradition! Join Cate Rauschenberger for this 2-week class series and learn her energetic holiday routine, inspired by the mayhem of the movie Elf.

Don't worry: you won't be bombarded with Christmas carols: Cate's super happy (but not-actually-holiday-specific routine) is set to Louis Prima's "Pennies from Heaven." 😉

While this series is open to all levels (including new dancers), you will find that some basic jazz dance experience will help you learn the choreography more easily.

This year we have a (super low-stress) performance opportunity during our holiday dance with the Boilermaker Jazz Band on Friday Dec 15th for any student who wants to participate.

Please note that since this is a short series, the class has been extended to be 90 minutes long, for a total of 3 hours of studio time (and has been priced accordingly).

About your instructor:

Cate started ballroom dancing in Georgia in 2006, but it wasn't until 2014 that the music, community, and capacity for expression of lindy hop stole her heart. 

She is passionate about the multi-directional aspect of communication in partner dancing-- the conversation between musicians and dancers through the music, between a couple and anyone observing them, and between the lead and follow themselves. She loves and strives for balanced connections, playful improvisation, and musically-inspired movement in her dancing. 

As a teacher, she enjoys breaking things down, building them back up, and seeing those joyful, dance "aha!" moments.

About Sliding Scale Pricing

Our sliding scale is about making dance more accessible to everyone, while also making sure our instructors are paid fairly for their time & labor.  You will have the opportunity to choose from a range of prices on the registration form. Those in a position to pay a little more can choose to do so & help to support our community and sustain our studio space.  Those that need a little help can choose the discounted price for any reason.

Supporter/Sustainer Prices: you easily meet your own needs and have plenty of expendable income

Standard Price: you meet your own needs and have some expendable income

Discounted Price: you struggle to meet your needs and/or don't have much expendable income

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