Videos & Music

Class Material Video Reviews

Visit our YouTube channel for a selection of the most recent class recaps that summarize the material taught in class.

It is the prerogative of each instructor whether to upload videos publicly or to film them only for students who attended class. This means there won't be a video on our YouTube channel for every single class, so don't count on a recap video to get you caught up if you decide to skip class. :)

Some helpful playlists of general-interest/beginner-level class material:

Beginner 6-Count Swing video playlist

Beginner Lindy Hop (8-count) video playlist

Balboa Crash Course playlist

Practice Music

We've also created some handy YouTube playlists of great swing music for you to use as you practice.

Practice Music for Swing/Lindyhop students

Practice Music for Balboa students

For Further Viewing

These are playlists of videos we just happen to enjoy, that illustrate a specific style of dance, or that we find inspiring.

Pure Bal Playlist

Bal-Swing Playlist