Cancelled: Bal-Swing Crash Course


What: Bal-Swing Workshop & Social Dance

When: 2pm on Saturday Feb 24th, 2024

We regret that this workshop has been cancelled

Join Ryan at 3:45pm Sat Feb 24th for a FREE Balboa practice session instead


1:30pm: Doors open

2pm - 5pm: Bal-Swing Crash Course 

3:45pm - 5pm: FREE Balboa practice session

----- Dinner break (studio closed)  -----

6:30pm: Doors re-open

7pm: Beginner Swing Lesson with RVA Swing 

8pm: Jumpin' at the Lakeside social dance 

About the Workshop

Bal-Swing Crash Course

Level: Open*

*Students taking this class don't need to know any Balboa, but should have some general/basic partner dance experience. 

In this special 3 hour workshop, you'll learn about the fundamentals of open-position Balboa (aka Bal-Swing). In layman's terms, this is all the flashy/kicky/spinny bits! You'll learn (or brush up on) Out & Ins, Lollies, Toss-Outs and more. This class will focus on teaching fundamental moves but will still be beneficial for Intermediate dancers who have some Bal-Swing experience & want to improve the functionality of their dancing. (Advanced dancers may wish to register as their less-dominant role)

Since we'll be using Out & Ins as our "basic" in this class, you don't need to know any Balboa to join in! However, we do recommend that all students have at least some experience dancing with a partner prior to taking this class. (It will be a LOT to take in if you are truly brand new to partnered dancing).

Cost: Sliding Scale of $15 - $45 (choose your price at registration)

About Your Instructors

Erica Vess & Ryan Lemar own & operate the RVA Swing studio.  They have been teaching Lindy Hop, Balboa & Jazz in Richmond since 2012. Known for their patient, clear instruction and A+ joke skills, their primary goal is creating a safe, fun, & supportive learning environment for all students.

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This workshop has been been cancelled 

Cancellations & Refunds:

Cancel your registration by emailing before class time on Feb 24th to receive a full refund.