Vaccine-only Classes & Events

Due to the close personal contact involved in partnered dancing, RVA Swing will be making our dance socials and Rotating Partner classes available to vaccinated individuals only. (Dedicated Partner classes will still be open to anyone.)

We'll be limiting the size of classes and dances, and participants must reserve their spot & pay in advance (no walk-ins or at-the-door payment at this time).

At this time, we will still require everyone to wear masks while inside the building.  

Let's face it: partnered social dancing is an epidemiologist's nightmare. We feel it is prudent to observe all possible safety measures at this time. RVA Swing has proceeded with caution throughout this pandemic, because we do not want to be responsible for any harm to our community.  Many vaccinated individuals are still nervous about interacting with strangers indoors, and we want our space to be emotionally as well as physically safe.  We'll re-evaluate masking for vax-only events as the summer progresses.

To make a reservation for a social dance or Rotating Partner class, you will need to verify that you are fully vaccinated prior to registration.

To get on our fully-vaxxed list, email with the following info:

  • a clear photo or scan of your vaccination card (name & DOB need to be legible)
  • your name, if you go by something other your legal first name on the card
Do not send us your vaccination info via social media/messaging apps. We only accept verifications via email.

RVA Swing will delete your images once we have added you to our vaccinated students list and we will email you the password needed to register for all future vaccine-only events & classes.    We will not share, disclose, or disseminate your information to any 3rd party.  If you're brand new to the studio, please be prepared to show ID at your first class or event so we can match it with your vaccine info.

Providing altered, falsified, or otherwise misleading vaccine information will result in a lifetime ban from all RVA Swing events. 

Are you allowed to do this? What about HIPAA?

We've seen a LOT of misinformation swirling around social media in regards to what HIPAA does.  HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)  prevents healthcare providers, healthcare plans, healthcare plan clearinghouses & their business partners from sharing your private health data with a 3rd party without your consent.  It doesn't apply to other types of businesses (such as a community dance studio) and it doesn't prevent businesses like ours from asking about your vaccination status, or denying entry based on your vaccination status or refusal to answer.

What if I had COVID and recovered? Isn't that the same as being vaccinated?

It is not the same. Cases of re-infection can and have occurred. Vaccines produce a more robust antibody response than natural infection, so even if you had COVID in the past, you should protect yourself & others by getting vaccinated. 

Not yet vaccinated? Find out where you can get your FREE vaccine at