Sunday Shuffle

What: Balboa/Lindy Hop/Swing Social Dance

When: Sunday, June 25th
6pm - 7pm: open/guided Balboa practice time          
7pm - 9pm: DJ'd social dancing

Where: RVA Swing studio
             (inside the Lakeside Towne Center)
             6114 Lakeside Ave, Suite C

Cost: $5 (no pre-registration needed, just pay at the door. Cash/check/charge)

Starting at 7pm, we will play a variety of great swing music suitable for all types of swing dancing. (Balboa enthusiasts: at least 50% of the songs we play will be suitable for your shuffling pleasure.)

End your weekend with a casual evening of fun, friendly social dancing and still get to bed early enough to face your work-week on Monday.

Please note that there is no beginner lesson before this dance (though we will be offering a guided practice for Balboa dancers from 6pm until 7pm).  Make sure to show up at 7pm to maximize your dance time. :)

See you on the dance floor!

Shoe Policy

We spent over a month building our dance floor and we want it to stand the test of time! Help us keep it nice by following these basic guidelines:

--Please remove your street shoes right away (before you come inside, if you can).

-- Please wear suede or leather-soled dance shoes for classes and dances.

-- If you don't own proper dance shoes, you can bring a clean pair of sneakers with non-marking soles to change into for classes/dances. This will help us keep grit and dirt off the floor.

The following types of shoes are absolutely prohibited inside the RVA Swing studio:

- NO stilettos or other spiked heels. Not only are these inappropriate and dangerous footwear for swing dancing, they also tend to gouge and dent wood floors.

- No home-made duct tape soles.  Yeah these might work great for a bit, but as you dance, you wear through the tape and leave sticky adhesive gunk for everyone else to dance on.

- No tap shoes. These shred the floor. Any tap classes will be soft-shoe only. :)

How to find us

The RVA Swing studio is located inside the Lakeside Towne Center, at 6114 Lakeside Ave.  There is tons of free parking in the lot adjacent to the Farmer's Market pavilion, as well as behind the Towne Center building.  Enter through the Towne Shops door under the RVA Swing sign and head down the hallway! 

Please note that some GPS systems will send you about 2 blocks away.  You want the parking lot by the Farmers Market and the CVS. :)