Sold Out - Crash Course

What: 2 hour Beginner/Novice workshop "Swing Out Crash Course"

When: Saturday Jan 20th, 3:30pm - 5:30pm
Where: RVA Swing Studio 6114C Lakeside Ave, Henrico VA

Pre-requisites: None.

Instructors: Kyle Kelley & Dave Barry

Cost: $20 per student for the class only if registered before noon on 1/20/18 or $30 per student for the class + admission to the RVA Rent Party dance featuring the Blue Domino Jazz Band

IMPORTANT: Class size is limited and classes do sometimes sell out. We encourage you to register online ahead of time to ensure that you get a spot! Once all the spaces in the class have been sold, there will be no at-the-door registration available for walk-ins. 

What is Swing? What is Lindy Hop?

Lindy Hop is the original swing dance (and often the terms "swing" and "Lindy Hop" are used interchangeably).  It originated in Harlem's Savoy Ballroom in the 1920s and 30s and reflects the energy and excitement of the hard-driving swing music popular at the time. Swing dancing/Lindy Hop is made up of both 6 & 8-count moves: we split these topics into two separate units (to minimize brain explosions) but they are all part of the same dance. You can start with either beginner series, as long as you start on week 1.

Check out some high level dancers bustin' out some fun dance moves in this great video! (There is a lot of fancy stuff going on in this video here, because these are masters-level dancers. Rest assured, our intro series will be a gentle introduction designed for those with no previous experience! We will give you some basic building blocks to have fun on the social floor.)

About the class:

Never danced before and want a concentrated introduction? This class is for you!

Taken a few beginner classes but still lack confidence on the social floor? This class is for you, too!

Taken only 6 count swing elsewhere and want to learn important 8-count elements? This class is for you!

Taken lots of classes but want to review your Lindy Hop fundamentals? This class is for you!

No partner or previous dance experience required.

In this 2 hour Crash Course, Kyle and Dave will introduce students to basic Lindy Hop rhythms and footwork before moving into partnered movements.  The focus of this workshop will be swing-outs, one of the most important fundamental moves in Lindy Hop.

This class will move at a brisker pace than our weekly beginner series, but will be appropriate for all levels.

Questions? Email the instructors at

Register Online:

Kyle & Dave are handling their own registration for this special event as part of their Swing in the New Year weekend.  Click the link below to be taken to the event registration site. Be sure to choose the "Swing Out Crash Course" option (halfway down the page), as there are lots of other exciting classes & events that weekend.

This workshop is now sold out.

Registered students

Please contact Kyle & Dave directly at for registration questions

Refund Policy:  

Registered for the Crash Course and can no longer attend? Please let Kyle & Dave know by emailing .  They can only issue refunds to students who directly notify them of cancellations one day before the start of class.

--Cancellations made at least 24 hours before class are eligible for a full refund

--Cancellations received on the day of the 1st class are considered “late cancellations” because these spaces can be difficult to fill with short notice.  Late cancellations made at least 4 hours before class starts are eligible for a 50% refund

--Last-minute cancellations received less than 4 hours before a class begins, as well as no-shows,  are not eligible for any refunds

Shoe Policy

We spent over a month building our dance floor and we want it to stand the test of time! Help us keep it nice by following these basic guidelines:

--Please remove your street shoes right away (before you come inside, if you can).

-- Please wear suede or leather-soled dance shoes for classes and dances.

-- If you don't own dance shoes, please bring a clean pair of sneakers with non-marking soles to change into for classes/dances. This will help us keep grit and dirt off the floor.

The following types of shoes are absolutely prohibited inside the RVA Swing studio:

NO stilettos or other spiked heels. Not only are these inappropriate and dangerous footwear for swing dancing, they also tend to gouge and dent wood floors.

No home-made duct tape soles.  Yeah these might work great for a bit, but as you dance, you wear through the tape and leave sticky adhesive gunk for everyone else to dance on. No bueno!

No tap shoes. These shred the floor. Any tap classes will be soft-shoe only. :)

How to find us

The RVA Swing studio is located inside the Lakeside Towne Center, at 6114 Lakeside Ave.  There is tons of free parking in the lot adjacent to the Farmer's Market pavilion, as well as behind the Towne Center building.  Enter through the Towne Shops door under the RVA Swing sign and head down the hallway! 

Please note that some GPS systems will send you about 2 blocks away.  You want the parking lot by the Farmers Market and the CVS. :)