Balboa Cram Session

What: a day of Balboa/swing dance workshops for beginner through advanced dancers

When: Saturday May 18th
Where: RVA Swing Dance Studio, 6114 Lakeside Ave, Suite C

Instructors:  Ryan Lemar & Erica Vess

Cost: $20 per 2 hour class block (take 1, 2, or all 3!) if you register online
          $50 for all 3 classes if you register online
          walk-in registrations are $5 more per class block, or $60 for all 3 classes

Includes:  - 2 to 6 total hours of multi-level Balboa workshops with Ryan & Erica
                  - admission to the Saturday evening dance at The Dance Space

IMPORTANT: Class size is limited and classes often sell out ahead of time (especially for follows attending without a partner). We strongly encourage you to register online in advance to ensure that you get a spot! Once all the spaces in the workshop have been sold, there will be no more at-the-door registration available. 

What is Balboa?

Balboa is a style of swing dancing that evolved in Southern California in response to the tightly packed dance floors and up-tempo music. While typically associated with fast tempos, this dance can be danced at any speed. Often danced in a close embrace, Balboa typically features small, intricate footwork and emphasizes partner connection & communication over the large, visually flashy moves seen in Lindy Hop.

See Erica (front and center) and Ryan (back right) in action at the 2017 Thames Valley Balboa Festival in Henley on Thames, UK.

About the workshop:

New to swing dancing in general? This workshop is for you!

Done other forms of swing dance, but are new to Balboa? This workshop is for you!

Taken a few beginner Balboa classes but still lack confidence on the social floor or would like a review? This workshop is for you, too!

No partner required for any class.

No previous dance experience required to take the 10am Intro class

In this special all day workshop, Ryan and Erica will start with an all-levels/beginner-friendly Intro to Balboa class, and then build on that material in a series of 2 hour class blocks.

If you are brand new to dancing, or new to Balboa specifically, you'll need to start with the 10am Intro to Balboa class in order to take the subsequent class blocks.  Class blocks 1 & 2 will be appropriate for newer dancers and also a great review for intermediate Balboa dancers. Class Block 3 is intended for students who are already dancing Balboa at at least an intermediate level.


Workshops at RVA Swing:

Class Block One - Intro to Balboa: 10am - 12pm
level: open level, beginner-friendly

- one hour lunch break -

Class Block Two - Intro to Balboa Part 2/Intro to Bal-Swing:  1pm - 3pm
level: must take class block one and/or be able to demonstrate a Balboa basic and comearounds

- 30 minute break -

Class Block Three - Fancy Balboa Things:  3:30pm - 5:30pm
level: intermediate/advanced, must know toss-outs, lollies, out & ins, pure bal patterns, etc

- two hour dinner break -

RVA Rent Party Swing Dance at The Dance Space:

Beginner Swing Dance Lesson (Lindy Hop)  7:30pm
included in your workshop registration

Social Dancing  8:30pm until 11ish
included in your workshop registration

About the Instructors

The husband and wife team of Ryan Lemar & Erica Vess have a deep love for all things swing dance: but their favorite of all the swing dances is Balboa! Together they own and operate the RVA Swing dance studio here in Richmond, VA. You can also catch them traveling the country to learn, dance and compete.

Register Online:
You can register for yourself or for yourself and a dance partner in the same transaction.  (If you are registering a friend of the same dance role, please complete a separate registration for them, so that our class roster is correct).

Don't understand what "lead" and "follow" mean? Read about dance roles, as well as what to expect in a beginner dance class here.

Current Availability for these workshops:
These totals were last updated at 9pm on 5/17/19 and reflect walk-in availability

Class 1
Follows (8) spaces left,  Leads (8) spaces left
Class 2
Follows (7) spaces left,  Leads (7) spaces left
Class 3
Follows (waitlist only),  Leads (4) spaces left

Online registration is now closed.

Refund/Cancellation Policy:  

For this special all-day event, we have a slightly modified cancellation policy:

In order to receive a full refund, you must notify us of your cancellation by emailing no later than 24 hours before your first class.

After that deadline, you can cancel up to 12 hours before your first class block and still receive a 50% refund.

No refunds or class credit for cancellations received less than 12 hours before the workshop, or for no-shows, unused/skipped classes, and students who arrive too late to join class.

Registered studentsOur registration system sends out an almost instant confirmation email with all your information. Didn't receive one? Please check your spam folder first, then contact us at (You will also get a PayPal receipt once your payment is complete, sent from PayPal).

If you experience any errors being re-directed to PayPal (or if you just derp and navigate away), you can always use the "return to this booking" link in your RVA Swing confirmation email to complete your payment. The more you know! :)

You'll also receive an email from us the week of the workshop with everything you need to know. In the mean time, if there is something not already answered on this page or our Info for New Dancers page, please don't hesitate to contact us with questions. We can't wait to meet ya!

Shoe Policy

We spent over a month building our dance floor and we want it to stand the test of time! Help us keep it nice by following these basic guidelines:

--Please remove your street shoes right away (before you come inside, if you can).

-- Please wear suede or leather-soled dance shoes for classes and dances.

-- If you don't own dance shoes, please bring any clean pair of sneakers/flats with non-marking soles to change into for classes/dances. This will help us keep grit and dirt off the floor.

The following types of shoes are absolutely prohibited inside the RVA Swing studio:

NO stilettos or other spiked heels. Not only are these inappropriate and dangerous footwear for swing dancing, they also tend to gouge and dent wood floors. Thick, sturdy dance heels are ok.

No home-made duct tape soles.  Yeah these might work great for a bit, but as you dance, you wear through the tape and leave sticky adhesive gunk for everyone else to dance on. No bueno!

No tap shoes. These shred the floor. Any tap classes offered will be soft-shoe only. :)

How to find us

The RVA Swing studio is located inside the Lakeside Towne Center, at 6114 Lakeside Ave.  There is tons of free parking in the lot adjacent to the Farmer's Market pavilion, as well as behind the Towne Center building.  Enter through the Towne Shops door under the RVA Swing sign and head down the hallway! 

Please note that some GPS systems will send you about 2 blocks away.  You want the parking lot by the Farmers Market and the CVS. :)