Beginner Swing

August 2016: Intro to 6-count Swing!

What: 4-week beginner swing dance series "Intro to 6-count Swing"

When: Thursdays from 7:30pm until 8:30pm, August 2016
            Class dates:  Aug 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th

Where: The Dance Space, 6004-A West Broad St, Richmond VA.

Instructors: Erica Vess & Ryan Lemar                

Cost: $20 per student if you register online (use the PayPal links below) or $30 at the door (if space is still available). Yes, for real: it's $20 for the whole 4 week series. BOOM!

IMPORTANT: Class size is limited and these classes often sell out (especially for ladies/follows). We highly encourage you to register online well ahead of time to ensure that you get a spot! Once all the spaces in the class have been sold, there will be no at-the-door registration available. 

Psssst......To those coming to this page from The Dance Space calendar: this page represents the current and correct information for the upcoming session, regardless of what is listed on their calendar.

What is Swing? What is Lindy Hop?

Lindy Hop is the original swing dance (and often the terms "swing" and "Lindy Hop" are used interchangeably).  It originated in Harlem's Savoy Ballroom in the 1920s and 30s and reflects the energy and excitement of the hard-driving swing music popular at the time. Swing dancing/Lindy Hop is made up of both 6 & 8-count moves: we split these topics into two separate units (to minimize brain explosions) but they are all part of the same dance. You can start with either series, as long as you start on week 1.

Check out some high level dancers bustin' out some fun dance moves in this great video! (There is a lot of fancy stuff going on in this video here, because these are masters-level dancers. Rest assured, our intro series will be a gentle introduction designed for those with no previous experience! We will give you some basic building blocks to have fun on the social floor.)

About the class:

Never danced before? This class is for you!

Taken a few beginner classes but still lack confidence on the social floor? This class is for you, too!

Been taking our current Beginner Lindy Hop series and would like to add some 6-count moves to your repertoire? This class is also for you!

No partner or previous dance experience required.

In this 4-week unit, we will introduce students to the fundamentals of swing dance/lindy hop.  The focus this month will be on learning common 6-count moves, connecting with the music, developing good partnering skills and, most importantly, having fun!

Because each class will build on the material in the previous class, registration is for the whole series only. New students must attend the 1st class in order to participate.

(No drop-ins without prior instructor approval. If you are a new student, or have never done any swing/lindy hop before, you must attend the first class in order to participate in the series. Seriously. For really realz, y'all.)

Questions? Email us at This is the best and fastest way to contact us. Please do not call the Dance Space; they will be unable to answer your questions as we merely rent space from them.

Register Online:

--Please sign up below using the PayPal button that corresponds to the role you wish to take, as this keeps our class roster correct and in order.  If you are brand new to dancing, ladies will often sign up as follows and guys will often sign up as leads, but you are free to choose either role as long as you commit to staying in that role for the entire series. (We totally encourage everyone to learn both roles eventually.)

--If you are paying for multiple registrations, you can now add each one to your shopping cart and pay in a single transaction. Less work, more awesome!

--Please be sure to fill out the "Student's Name" box before you click "Add to Cart", especially if you are paying for multiple registrations! :)

--If you experience any errors or difficulties with the PayPal checkout, or do not receive a confirmation email from us within 24-48 hours, please contact us at

(Psst, have a "discount code"? That's awesome! Put it in the Discount Code field, and I'll send your discount in the form of a partial rebate after checkout. Please note that we are not able to honor discount codes from other organizations.)


Student's Name:
Discount code (if applicable):
Spaces remaining for follows: 1
This total is manually updated and may lag behind actual registrations.


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Spaces remaining for leads: 11
This total is manually updated and may lag behind actual registrations.

Lead/Follow Pairs
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  Registered students: We'll send you a confirmation email to the address that you used with PayPal to confirm your registration and your role selection (this is not automated, so please allow 24 hours, and perhaps a bit longer on weekends/holidays).

You'll also receive an email from us the day before the first class with everything you need to know (again, sent to the email address you used with PayPal, so be sure to check that account) . In the mean time, please don't hesitate to contact us with questions. We can't wait to meet ya!

Refund Policy: Cancellations made before the 1st class of a series are eligible for a full refund. (Just please let us know ASAP if you know that you no longer can attend, so that we may offer that spot to someone else.) Once the series has begun, we are unable to refund you if you need to cancel for the month, but will happily transfer your registration to another month (please contact us at to set this up) . No credit is given for unused classes (ie if you miss one week out of 4).


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  3. When I click "Buy Now" it takes me to the paypal homepage. I think I need an email to purchase?

  4. Anna- Nope, I just goofed when I pasted in the code! Thank you for letting me know! It's all fixed now. You don't need a PayPal account to purchase (look near the bottom of the PayPal screen for a link that says "Don't Have a PayPal Account")

  5. What was the second dance event you mentioned last night, in addition to Jammin' on the James? Thanks!

    1. There is the 2nd Saturday dance this Saturday at the Dance Space:

      And also a new Monday night dance at Balliceaux:

  6. Can a 16/17 y/o take the class? Or is there a minimum age?

    1. Our classes are for all ages! (For students younger than 13, we do ask a parent/responsible adult to accompany).